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We are a 3 bedroom, semi detached family home with front and rear garden. The whole ground floor is used for childminding along with 2 bedrooms & bathroom on the first  floor. We are equipped with a variety of resources catering from birth to teen, both indoor and outdoor.

About my family

I am married to Gary, the biggest kid of them all, and we have 4 wonderful children, Jamie 26yr, Heather-Marie 24yr, Emily-Rose 7yr & My “little man” Connor 5yr. We have an elderly cats aged 18yr called Tigger, A playful 4yr old cat Bruce and a 7yr old golden Labrador called Monty, affectionately called “moo moo” by the children.

About me

My name is Karen and I love my job. Since I left school I’ve worked in a variety of jobs including a cashier in a supermarket, sales assistant in a shop and call centre assistant for a well known telecom provider, but I’ve never found a job I’d like to do for a long period of time. I have an active mind and like to keep occupied and do a variety of things and most jobs don’t offer this, it’s the same thing day in day out. Childminding offers me variety every day.

I started childminding in 2003 when a friend asked me about helping her look after her little boy (18mth) whilst she was at work. He was very accident prone and had already attended 3 nurseries, she wanted him to receive more personal care than he was receiving within such a large environment. I made a few enquiries about what was involved about becoming a childminder and began the first steps to registering. Within a few months my friend’s little boy became my first client. Over the years I’ve cared for a variety of children from babies to teens, from different ethnic backgrounds, cultures & religions, and I enjoyed meeting them all, every one is different, so my job is never boring.

What does my job involve? Well, I get to play with play doh, lego and paint, I get to visit the farm, parks and amusement parks and get paid for it. My job involves planning things for the children to do and we work around different themes each month to vary the activities we do. We have regular activities like crafts, visiting toddler groups and free play, we are not adverse to spontaneous activities too, so nothing is set in stone. We aim to have fun, nothing more. We play with a variety of toys and books, have storytime & rhymetime, play outside & go for walks. My day is always different.
People said to me “I couldn’t do your job, you must be crazy” and they are right, I am crazy, crazy about kids. Watching them grow and develop, learn new skills and see them try new things for the first time, I get excited with every child, every time. Seeing the child’s face light up at the mention of a new game, seeing a child with learning difficulties achieve a new goal, that’s what I do every day and I wouldn’t change a thing.